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 CW 62 Captain Rex

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PostSubject: CW 62 Captain Rex   CW 62 Captain Rex Icon_minitimeSun Nov 20, 2011 6:04 pm

Up for review is the latest incarnation of the Clone Wars Captain Rex.

This version of Captain Rex was released as the 62nd figure in the 11th wave of 2011.

CW 62 Captain Rex Rex_bo10 CW 62 Captain Rex Rex_bo11

The package contains Rex, helmet, blue ARC pauldron, 2 DC-17 hand blasters, 1 DC-17 hand blaster with extended barrel, jetpack and harness, battle die, battle card, figure stand, and a clone wars adventures certificate.

CW 62 Captain Rex Rex_co10

Rex's body is a modified Commander Stone body. This version has ball hinged hips. Unlike previous versions of Rex, this one has a soft goods kama which allows for a full range of motion through the ball hinged hips. Unfortunately the lack of ankle articulation limits poses. The shoulder has ball hinged joints but the solid shoulder pads limits range of motion. The holsters on the side are functional allowing for storage of the matched DC-17 hand blasters.

CW 62 Captain Rex Rexjoi10

The foot holes for this figure are located in the heels, allowing for deeper holes that actually fit with the figure stand.

CW 62 Captain Rex Rexfee10

There's a mystery hole in the back of the figure. The jetpack and harness fit over the figure and do not plug into this hole.

CW 62 Captain Rex Rexbac10

The jetpack and harness fit over the figure and connect to each other through a series of pegs and holes. The jetpack has two blasters on tip that can swivel up and down. The harness has a holster to hold the DC-17 hand blaster with the extended barrel.

CW 62 Captain Rex Rexhar10
CW 62 Captain Rex Rexhar11

Here is Rex geared up, front and back views.

CW 62 Captain Rex Rexequ10CW 62 Captain Rex Rexequ11
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PostSubject: Re: CW 62 Captain Rex   CW 62 Captain Rex Icon_minitimeTue Jan 17, 2012 5:19 pm

Nice work! Great review. I think they made some pretty good upgrades to Rex. The soft goods Kama is a nice touch, too. I dont remember seeing this figure in stores. I might have picked him up if I had.

Do you have any other Clone Wars figures for us?

The Force will be with you, ALWAYS!
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CW 62 Captain Rex
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