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 STAR WARS Clone Wars OTC Legacy and more FOR SALE/TRADE!

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STAR WARS Clone Wars OTC Legacy and more FOR SALE/TRADE! Empty
PostSubject: STAR WARS Clone Wars OTC Legacy and more FOR SALE/TRADE!   STAR WARS Clone Wars OTC Legacy and more FOR SALE/TRADE! Icon_minitimeFri Sep 14, 2012 6:21 pm

Here is what is available (All are MOC/MISB, C-9+ unless noted):

Vintage Collection TVC current and below:
$9.75 EACH (willing to trade for classic TVC)
Darth Sidious
Quinvin Vos

Target Villians Set (Stormtrooper, Vader and "Imperial" Death Star Trooper) C-8.5 NMIP $15
2010 Vintage Foil Han Solo $15
2010 Vintage Foil Darth Vader $15
see below for other VOTC figures.
Target vintage Snowspeeder (non-mint, but sealed) $30

EE Joker Squad exclusive pack $35 PENDING
SWShop Clone Security exclusive figure but case had ding $15
SWShop EU General Grevious 30th TAC w/star case $23 shipped.
SDCC Stormtrooper Commander $15
SDCC Shadow Scout w/Speeder Bike $20
TRU Force Unleashed Kkruck PENDING
Target The Force Trainer MISB $50
Republic Attack Shuttle MISB unopened $55

Clone Wars (willing to trade for TVC vintage figures and exclusives ONLY)
Hyena Bomber $15
Clone Wars Republic Attack Shuttle building set w/pilot NISB $47
Legacy Hunt for Grevious 3pk $17

WALMART Death Star Trash Compactor Exclusive set #1&#2 (Leia&Chewy Han&Luke)$60 (set only)
Clone Wars 2008/9 figures: Jawa w/Treadmill Droid pending
2007 TAC Wave 1:
To update soon.
2007 TAC Wave 2:
All including McQ Boba Fett set $56.00 ($8 each)
McQuarrie Snowtrooper, Han Solo $10 each.
Celebration Europe C-3P0 and R2-D2 $25
Celebration IV C-3PO and R2-D2 $15
Extra 30th TAC Coins: Concept Stormtrooper or Boba Fett $3 each or set for $5. Stormtrooper $2 plus a few others.
30th Legends Darktrooper (Fan Choice Gold Coin) $9
30th VTAC figures: Snowtrooper $9,
2006 VTSC- Luke X-Wing ($6), Tusken Raider $9. Biker Scout $10, Greedo $6
2006 VTSC complete set with mailaway Lucas mailaway (no mailer box) $50

2004 Original 10 VOTC (all but Chewbacca and 1 other) $100
VOTC Obi Wan (no case) $5 each
VOTC Obi Wan (w/case) $7
VOTC Darth Vader $10
VOTC Yoda $8

Revenge of the Sith:
Saga 2006 Target Demise of Grevious C-8 (no case) $6
C-3PO or R2-D2 ($8 each), #6 Clone Trooper C-8 $7 or 501st Vader Legion C-8 $8 or C-9+ $12, Mustafar Sentry ($Cool or Neinmodian Soider $5, General Grevious #2, Clone Pilot black variant $12, Destroyer Droid, GREEN Clone Commander $9, Royal Guard Red $8, Anakin w/Dooku saber ($Cool
Best Buy Code 3 ROTS poster exclusive $60 (includes shipping)
Battle Pack JEDI VS. SEPARATISTS C-8.5 $22
Kmart exclusive Throne Room Set - $27
Empire vs. Rebel $23
TRU Holographic Darth Sidious $10
You will need to PM on availablility. Thank you.

Acton Masters 6pk $15
R2-D2 FF, $5 C-8
C-3P0(FB $8, FF ($6)
vintage C-3PO loose mint in bag ($12)
Leia (new FF $8 and Slave GC or FF $Cool
Luke Skywalker (OC X-Wing $9)
FB Aunt Beru ($6)
FB Emperor ($7)
FB Luke Skywalker w/Floppy Hat pending
FB Ceremonial Leia, Vader, Ben, Chewy, or 3PO all pending
GC Ceremonial $4, GC Stormtrooper Col. 2, $5
HTF OC/Red Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper $15
OC Darth Vader LS or SS ($12 or $6)
OC or GC Yoda ($6.50 each)
OC Han Solo Hoth Gear $7
GC HTF Grand Moff Tarkin .00 Col. 2 C-8 ($12)
GC Garidian ($5)
GC Nein Numb C-9 $6
GC Dengar ($6)
GC Admiral Ackbar ($5)
GC Death Star Gunner ($7)
OC Tie Fighter Pilot $6
GC Sandtrooper ($5)
SOTE Leia or Chewie Snovva ($7), Luke in Imperial Disquise($9), Dash Rendar ($Cool, and C-8.5 Xizor ($6)
Pote Snikin (Fan Club) $7
Zuckuss $8
Mon Mothma($6)
Lobot $5
Death Star Droid $10
Chewy as Boussh's prisoner FF ($5)
Endor Rebel Soldier ($7)
Ugnaughts C-9+ or Ewoks C-8.5 or Biggs ($6 each)
Lando (Skiff Guard GC or FF, $5)
HTF FF Capt. Piett corrected variant $50
Commtech Admiral Motti $10
Commtech R2-D2 w/Holo Leia $8 (2 available)
Commtech Stormtrooper $9
Commtech Wuher $10
Commtech Greedo, Han Solo, or Darth Vader $5 each
ROTJ Theatre Edition Luke Jedi C 8.5 $20

Muftak & Kabe mailaway exclusive MIB $9
EU Speeder Bike ($5), and .00 Endor Leia w/Speeder Bike ($15)
Autographed CTC Darth Vader (Prowse) ($25)
Escape from Death Star Game w/exclusive Luke & Vader 2-pk MISB ($9)
Loose Garindan complete & mint ($2.50)
Walmart Cantina Scene Series 1 (Hammerhead, Ponda Boba and Greedo)$35 for all 3)
SPECIAL: $12 for C-8 Ponda Boba and Hammerhead only

Star Wars Complete Galaxies:
Dagobah Yoda C-8 $7

POTF2 Cinema Scenes:
Jabba's Skiff Guards ($11)
Rebel Pilots($15)
SPECIAL Jedi Spirits $7 C-8
Watto's Box $20

3D Expanded Universe 1998:
Dark Empire Leia $8, Spacetrooper $9, Grand Admiral Thrawn ($7), Clone Emperor $7 and Dark Empire Jedi Luke ($6)

Biker Scout $11, IG-88, Bossk, Darth Vader #10 or 34 $10 each, Leia Bespin C-8 $6. Dagobah Luke variant pending (regular) $7, General Madine #37 $7, Lobot $5, HTF OTC JAWAS 2pk C-9 $17, Luke Bespin $12, Gamorrean Guard C-8.5 $13, Han Solo $8
Walmart OTC Carrying Case (Fett & Clone) MISP $25
POTC Biker Scout Trooper #13 pending

12" Assortment:
HTF Chewbacca $30 (1st version with flap)
Jawas 2-pk $18
Han Stormtrooper ($25)
Endor Han with denator $20
Ben w/helmet ($25)
Tusken Raider (w/gun or skiff $22)
Stormtrooper ($18)
Service Merchandise Hoth Leia pending
Ceremonial Princess Leia ($19)
HTF Boba Fett $25
Walmart Dagobah Luke & Yoda ($35)
Zuchuss ($12)
SPECIAL Dengar ($10)
HTF Service Merchandise AT-AT Driver ($28)
Masterpiece C-3PO ($22)
Target Han in Carbonite C-8 ($18)
12" Battle Droid $15

POTJ (All are $6.00 except noted):
Aurra Sing variant .0300 ($10)
Bespin Guard
R4-M9 variant or regular ($12, $9)
Biker Scout HTF Clean version ($16)
Boss Nass ($Cool
Lando Calrissian $7
Leia General ($Cool
IG-88 ($11)
R2-Q5 pending
R2-M6 $10
EU Obi Wan Training $8
EU Obi Wan Cold Weather $7
Fodd and Beed
Bo Shek $6
Eeth Koth ($9)
Imperial Officer ($Cool
25th Anniversary Han&Chewy C-9 (slight discoloring on top of box, but figures are mint and unopened)$6

Ep. 1 (All are $4 except noted)
Walmart Holo Qui Gon and Darth Maul set C-9 $18 for set
TC-14 pending
Royal Guard $15
Swimming Jar Jar $15
HTF Jabba w/2 Headed Announcer (US version)$27
HTF Darth Sidious (Hologram)($20)
Ki Adi Mundi ($6, .0000 version)
Capt. Panaka $7
Naboo Royal Guard $15
Capt. Tarpals, OOM-9, Pit Droids 2-pk ($15), Obi-Wan Jedi Duel, Battle Droids, Gasgano, Anakin (Naboo or Pilot), Darth Maul Sith Lord), Destroyer Droid ($6)

Clone Wars
2003 "animated" complete set of (Cool figures $60
Generals Yoda, Obi Wan or Anakin (non-animated/real) $7 each
Loose Clone Troopers 3 pks white $9, blue $9 buy all for $14
Clone Wars 3pk white C-8 $15
Animated General Grevious $10, C-8 $7
Clone Wars Hasbro 2003 poster $8 (slight folds on corners)
Walmart CW 2pks - Anakin/Clone and Yoda/Clone for $30 set include shipping.
Deluxe Clone Trooper w/Speeder Bike $15

Hasbro figure poster pending
HTF Rebel Fleet Trooper or Imperial officer ($15 each)
Hall of Fame Anakin, Obi Wan, or Yoda $9 each, Imperial Bossk ($6.50), IG-88 $7, Mace Windu Geonosian($5 each), Throne Room Duel Darth Vader C-9 $10, Aalya Secura $7, Barisss Orfee, Yoda ($6), Captain Antillies Fan's Choice ($6), HTF Fan Choice Ephant Mon ($18) C-8.5, Anakin Skywalker Secret Ceremony ($6), Chewy w/Mynock $8.50, AOTC Red Clone Trooper ($10)
Deluxe Yoda w/Super Battle Droid or C-3PO & Battle Droid playset ($6 each),
Ultra Deluxe Deluxe Jango Fett & Obi Wan Kamino Showdown ($21 for both)
Super Battle Droid w/insert ($7)

Ob-Wan Kenobi 1st packaging C-8 $20
Mace Windu 1st version $25
Yoda $45
Stormtrooper C-8 $25
Walmart Arc Red Clonetooper, Han Solo in Stormtrooper Outfit
$20 each MISP

Celebration V:
White Lego Boba Fett promo (1 left)
Hasbro cardbacks
Topps promos

Celebration IV items: exclusives and promos:
Topps Poster pending
Hasbro Coin $5
30th TAC Luke or Stormtrooper proof card ($7 each) Willing to trade either one for a Vader (from CIV)
Goodie Bag - $15 plus bonus if mention DTMAN post.
Soon to add CIV store merchandise (shirts and hoodie)

Celebration 3 items:
Celebration 3 Lego Revenge of the Brick poster ($Cool
Giveaway bag, Celebration 3 Elec. Darth Vader $20, promos (Topps, Lego, etc.), store exclusives (pin, poster, program, hat)
Comic Con exclusives (Star Wars, Batman, Lord of the Rings, Marvel GI JOE, Anime, etc. inquiry)
C2 C-3PO Exhibitor Badge w/lanyard ($30)
Hasbro C2 Figure Poster, AOTC C2 Lego Poster ($9 each or $15 for both SPECIAL)

Darth Vader Coin Bank works but no bottom cover $7
Celebration 5 Topps promo lot of 3 $5
Top Trumps SW Trilogy pack $5 New & sealed
TRU 2009 Clone Wars/Lego mini poster pending
For non-SW items, check out CTR classified.

Star Wars Code 3 Best Buy Poster $35
Best Buy ROTS Darth Vader Litho $7
CA exclusive Lottery Tickets (set $35 or individually $4) or coin set $24 for set of 6
ROTS Who's Your Daddy Promo poster $5
Best Buy Darth Sidious Exclusive .45 lightsaber $42 or trade
ROTS 7-11 exclusive Slurpee Cups (set of 4) $20
Target Accessory packs (All 4)($9-11 each) or ALL 4 for $40
1978 Holiday Special $13 (DVD available & extra)
1980 Muppet Show w/Luke, Chewy and the droids ($10)
Vintage Kenner commercials plus modern TV spots ($14),
Clone Wars Micro Series all episodes plus bonus footage not shown on DVD, ($13)
Vintage Original vintage ESB or ROTJ Lobby Cards ($15 each)
If any questions or are looking for something not on the list, please contact me.
Prices do not include shipping. Volume discounts are available. Thank you!
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STAR WARS Clone Wars OTC Legacy and more FOR SALE/TRADE!
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