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 Card backs

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PostSubject: Card backs   Mon Aug 05, 2013 8:08 am

Ok sorry if this a bit of a newbie question,but why do people collect card backs ?
Most I see are damaged after the bubble has been taken off,I hardly ever see any mint clean ones.are they worth money or something or is it just for the collection ?
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Darth Father
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PostSubject: Re: Card backs   Mon Aug 05, 2013 1:12 pm

When I was collecting heavily, I wanted every thing Star Wars, Vintage and Modern.
The cardbacks started out as another thing for my stash.
Then the memories of opening those same figures when I was a kid came back and I collected them for that reason. I had a small collection of cardbacks, about 15.
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PostSubject: Re: Card backs   Mon Aug 05, 2013 3:54 pm

I guess it makes sense,from what I've seen its cheaper to get the card back than a carded figure,that way you can have the card with figure but there seems to be an abundance of rotj ones both in card backs and carded figures yet the esb and Star Wars seem to be nowhere
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PostSubject: Re: Card backs   Mon Aug 05, 2013 5:55 pm

I don't really collect card backs, but I have a few from various deals and purchases.

I think like Darth Father has said, a lot of it has to do with the nostalgic feeling of seeing those cards, and remembering what it felt like to tear a figure out. Some people actually took time and care, and kept their card backs in nice condition. It can be done with a little patience. Other people may just want to try and have the figure as close to 100% as they can. Focus collectors may want to have every version of a card their focus figure was shipped on.

There is a local comic shop near me that has a few card backs for sale. I picked up a Luke Stormtrooper, just because I have a special tie to that figure. Not a good tie, but a special one.

When I was a kid, my mother and I were in a Zayer store. I saw a Luke Stormtrooper figure, and when I ran over to my mom to ask if I could get it, she said I could. Problem was, I didn't take the figure WITH me. I left it on the peg until I asked her. In that two minutes, someone came along and bought it right out from under me! I went back, searched EVERY figure n EVERY peg. GONE!!

I like to think that whoever got it really didn't know they took it from a kid, but if it's anything like snipers out there today, they don't care.

The Force will be with you, ALWAYS!
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PostSubject: Re: Card backs   Tue Aug 06, 2013 2:02 am

I like that point you raised about having every card back for that figure in there focus...I guess unintentionally I have an r2 focus going on lol and have spotted a few figures carded but with different backs,so I guess il prob end up buying just r2 card backs if I can't get the carded figure.......don't start me about eBay snipers...there evil bastards,6 times now I have had bids an and been winning a carded r2 figure(sensorscope) pretty much right from when its been listed as well,I even had a ridiculous amount on one and have been sniped on each one in the last second by a pound(UK) yet the one I did win the seller refunded me and said it wasn't for sale any longer(all because I won it for £32 I reckon)

Slightly off topic there lol........all that said about card backs,I have seen a few now I have been tempted by,and I think it's only because I have never seen them or they have the coin intact on the card
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PostSubject: Re: Card backs   

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Card backs
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