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PostSubject: BCA 19 NOW CLOSED   BCA 19 NOW CLOSED Icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 8:00 am

This round should be exciting! Watto's has joined forces with Rebelscum and TIG in hopes to expand entries and awareness of The Best Collection Awards.

Entry Period: November 26, 2012 - January 28, 2013

BCA 19-1
Best Vintage Figure Collection
Show off your vintage action figures! Early figures may not have been the prettiest, most movable, or bearing the best resemblance to actors, but all that just makes them all the more special. Show off your figures dating back to the '70s and '80s!
Maximum 6 photographs

BCA 19-2
Best Vintage Non-Figure Collection
Action figures are certainly popular, but they certainly weren't all the Star Wars merchandise released in the '70s and '80s. Show us your games, posters, bedding, dishes, and more!
Maximum 6 photographs

BCA 19-3
Most Disorganized Collection
For many of us, keeping and displaying a neat, orderly collection is the ideal. For many of us that ideal is far from reality. Rather than hide this fact, let's celebrate it! Show us how disorganized your Star Wars collection can be!
Maximum 6 photographs

Sponsored by:

Toy Anxiety

The Imperial Gunnery


How to Enter:
1. Upload your entry pictures to your hosting service (Flickr, Photobucket, ImageShack, Facebook, etc.)
2. Send an e-mail to BestCollectionAward@yahoo.com with the following information:
* Your name (real or character name or username)
* A link to a 48x48 pixel avatar image (optional, only needs to be done once)
* The categories you are entering
* The URL(s) for each entry
3. Leave a brief description of your entry/entries in this thread.

You will receive a reply e-mail confirming that your pictures have been officially received. If you have not received official confirmation of your submission within a few days please visit our forums and let us know. If you do not like the preview (thumbnail) image used for your entry, please e-mail us with your concerns and we will make a new one.

1. How To Enter forms a part of these rules.
2. The Best Collection Awards (BCA) is a competition of Star Wars collectors and collectibles only.
3. Submissions must be of YOUR collection.
4. You can submit entries in as many categories as you want but only ONCE per category.
5. All submissions (e-mails giving entry details) must be received by us no later than January 28, 2013 8:59 PM EST (American Eastern Time).
6. The rulings of the staff voters are final, and no correspondence, electronic or physical, will be entered into.
7. Public Judging will be performed by a public vote open to every member of the Watto's Junk Shop Forums, with the proviso that each person is entitled to vote a maximum of once, with their primary profile. Voting for your own entry is not allowed.
8. Unless otherwise stated (for example, "Custom" categories and free-form scene creations) ALL items shown in entries must be official LucasFilm-licensed items. Any items shown in entries adjudged to not meet this criteria will be excluded from consideration, or the entire entry will be disqualified, solely at the discretion of the BCA staff.
9. Photos used in past BCA competitions may be used again in later competitions only if they were not part of a winning entry previously. New photographs may be taken of an item that has previously won, but the older, winning photos may not be re-used.
10. BCA defines a photograph as a single image taken with a camera; a snap-shot. BCA photo limits refer to the number of single photos allowed per entry. A collage of 3 photos will be counted as 3 photos.
11. Entries must be uploaded to an image host that allows public viewing. Accounts at the image host should be set to allow everyone/the public to view photos, allowing even those not registered with the host to see your entries.
12. We are work solely on a "Honesty is the Best Policy" for everything!
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