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 30 years of Luke Skywalker

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PostSubject: 30 years of Luke Skywalker   30 years of Luke Skywalker Icon_minitimeSat Aug 04, 2012 9:10 pm

As I was sorting through some figures, I found my POTF2 Luke. The first one, with the over stylized muscles. It then occured to me that I should line up some of the Farmboy Luke figures over the years and see how things changed.

30 years of Luke Skywalker Imag0110

1978 Luke Skywalker

Well, we all know that this is the one that started it all. No where near the real likeness of Mark Hamil. The classic figure with the improper color saber stuck right in the arm. Only five points of articulation, but back then that was enough for us. I never had this figure as a kid, and only a few years ago did I finally aquire one. For what this is, it served the purpose quite well.

30 years of Luke Skywalker Imag0112

1995 Power of the Force 2 Luke Skywalker

I was SO Excited to hear Star Wars figures were making a return to pegs! What would they look like? Were they going to fire up the vintage molds and re use them? We got the answer in the fall of 1995. Kenner, (Owned by Hasbro since 1991) churned out the first wave of Star Wars figures in 11 years! Everyone was shocked to see the muscular frames and bulked up bodies that formed the line. Apparently they thought kids wanted beefed up figures. Collectors, not so much. Over the next several waves Kenner trimmed the bodies back to more traditional proportions. Strangely, the head sculpts were quite good on most of the figures. Leia of course was one such exception. I like these figures, and dispite the bulky look, it bought back a lot of great memories being able to buy figures in stores again!

30 years of Luke Skywalker Imag0113

2011 Vintage Collection Death Star Escape Luke Skywalker

If nothing else in 2011, Hasbro has made the cardback names a lot longer than the Vintage counterparts. This figure is just sort of okay, at best. Nice articulation with a few cool accessories, but the original head lacked the likeness we have come to expect. The ball jointed hips do give a lot more posability to the figure, and the comlink is a nice touch. What people are asking for was a direct update of the classic 1978 Luke Figure. Hasbro always seems to give us something "close enough" but somehow never quite gets it right. So what is a collector to do? CUSTOMIZE! This is a picture of the custom update for the 1978 Farmboy Luke figure.

Head: 2009 Resurgence of the Jedi figure (Also repacked in the 2011 Blu Ray set)

Body: 2011 Death Star Escape Luke (Stormtrooper belt has been trimmed down to just the waist "washer")

Belt: 2004 OTC Vintage Luke Skywalker

30 years of Luke Skywalker Imag0114 30 years of Luke Skywalker Imag0115

The second photo is the figure in the pure form. No modifications, nothing but off the card. I am not ashamed to admit I have bought THREE of this figure. One carded, one customized and one unaltered.

So there you have an interesting look at some of the Luke Skywalker figures that have been offered over the years. Before the 2011 figure, many thought the definitive Luke figure was the Resurgence Luke. With the addition of the soft goods, making this figure easier to pose and sit, with a few simple modifications THIS can be the definative Luke figure.

The Force will be with you, ALWAYS!
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30 years of Luke Skywalker
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